Amit Arora

Columbia MBA - have spent 2 decades in ideation, creation & launch of digital products. Last decade primarily spent on advising (& learning from) Fortune 500 CXO's on how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA, APM and other frontier technologies can be used to solve challenges in Banking, Insurance, Pharma & Telco worlds - and with credible ROI. Some of the commercial product inceptions & launches that I am proud of, include - AIOps for NOC's, Predicting AML/Financial crimes by use of Machine Learning, Improving FDA compliance & reporting on adverse drug reactions by automating extraction & classification of population data, Intelligent visitor access & authentication systems, use of Computer Vision & ML to detect vehicle damage & partially automating the claims estimation process, co-developing 7 OEM mobile phones from scratch - working together with design teams @ Nokia, Samsung, etc Founded multiple start-ups. Some succeeded. The journey also included filing multiple patents successfully & creating & monetizing IP. Regular guest speaker / panelist at Columbia Business School. Founder & Board Member of a global Non-Profit- 'Childhood Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation'.

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