vr will transform our world

VR Will Transform the Way We Experience these 6 Things

Virtual reality (VR) is a new means of audiovisual communication. Its mission is to sell the idea of entry into a three-dimensional computer generated environment where the experience is so surprising that it cuts our minds to believe that this virtual world is really Reality. Its ultimate goal is to allow us to experience the senses […]


Facebook’s Oculus patents lightweight smart glasses

Facebook-owned Oculus has patented a lightweight smart glasses concept that would be able to “augment views of a physical, real-world environment with computer-generated elements.” The patent shows a pair of glasses that look like basic shades, which would force the electronics to be packed in tightly, similar to the first version of Google Glass. Instead […]


Oculus may soon offer consumers choice in VR headsets

Following on from a report yesterday that said Oculus may be launching a $200 standalone virtual reality headset late this year, rumors now suggest that several headsets, capable of working with a connected PC or mobile, are currently in development. Oculus is “exploring multiple options in a ‘spectrum’ of standalone devices for the future,” according […]

The Future Of Virtual Reality Lies Beyond Gaming

The Future Of Virtual Reality Lies Beyond Gaming

Guest author Richard MacManus is the founder of ReadWrite. This article originally appeared in his Augment Intelligence newsletter.  If you’re thinking that virtual reality (VR) is all about gaming, then think again.  Are you a sports fan? The US Open Golf Tournament was livestreamed in VR last year. A music fan? Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Jack […]

Oculus Rift Is Opening Up To The Masses, Ushering In The VR Era

Oculus Rift Is Opening Up To The Masses, Ushering In The VR Era

This post appears courtesy of the Ferenstein Wire, a syndicated news service. Publishing partners may edit posts. For inquiries, please email author and publisher Gregory Ferenstein.  Virtual reality is becoming actual reality. After years of waiting and watching as the tech elite posted awkward selfies of themselves enjoying the latest VR headgear, the public will […]