I’m riding here! New York City prepares for autonomous cars

Get ready New York City — Driverless cars are coming your way soon. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that a program to allow testing of self-driving vehicles is officially open to applications from manufacturers of cars or companies working for those manufacturers. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that a program to allow testing […]


New York is the newest state to allow self-driving car tests

New York will start approving applications for self-driving car permits this month, making it the latest U.S. state to open its roads to driverless vehicles. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the year-long pilot program, aimed at exploring the possibilities of self-driving cars in New York and figuring out if they’re safe. See Also: NYC’s smart city […]


Really? A 50-year ban to self-driving cars in New York?

An organization representing professional drivers has called on New York state legislators to ban self-driving vehicles for 50 years, citing the potential eradication of thousands of transport jobs. The Upstate Transportation Association, which advocates for professional drivers, said it expects Uber and Lyft, the two major ridesharing services in New York City, to convert to […]

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Who’s better than New York? No one, says smart city group

New York City has been awarded “Best Smart City 2016” at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. In the last year, New York City has pushed several smart city initiatives to the public and small businesses. The congress noticed the efforts of the Mayor’s Office of Technology and Innovation (MOTI). See Also: Sustainability […]


New York’s sidewalks get a smart upgrade

New York is undergoing some interesting changes in the pedestrian world, having begun the installation of LinkNYC smart sidewalk kiosks throughout the city. These new sidewalk kiosks offer pedestrians free device charging and tablets for web browsing, along with a 911 call button and the ability to make phone calls. See Also:  Are smart citizens […]

Will NY scrap old law to allow self-driving cars?

Legislators are trying to update a 45-year-old New York state law that currently makes self-driving cars illegal. As reported by Gothamist, New York is the only US state legally requiring drivers to keep at least one hand on the steering wheel when the vehicle is moving. This technicality makes it illegal to test or demonstrate […]