Wearable innovation is coming to first responder technology

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate  has announced the selection of 10 start-up companies to be part of EMERGE 2016: Wearable Technology, an accelerator program designed to bring start-ups, accelerators, and other strategic partners together in a common research and development effort. The program operates in conjunction in conjunction with TechNexus and its partner […]

Sylvania shines a light on smart tech

Sylvania shines a light on smart tech

A new report issued by LEDVANCE, a lighting company that sells Sylvania lightbulbs, gives valuable insight about the smart technology that people have already deployed in their homes. The eighth annual Sylvania Socket Survey shows that lighting appears to be one of the top kinds of smart technology that Americans own. See Also: Smart Homes […]

Smart city traffic tech could save us 4.2B hours yearly

Smart city innovations relating to traffic and road improvements are projected to make a massive impact on the lives of urban dwellers in the coming five years. A study by Juniper Research found that smart parking and smart traffic management projects will save 4.2 billion man-hours each year by 2021, according to an article by […]


Melbourne revealing its smart ambitions

Melbourne leaders revealed plans to become a smart city, in preparation for a population boom over the next 35 years and climate change-related issues affecting the Australia city. The city will use initiatives adopted by other smart cities and host a public forum, called Melbourne Conversations, where representatives from cities like San Francisco, Tel Aviv, […]