How cities can tap into $33B in private funds for innovation

With public infrastructure funding in the U.S. nearly tapped out, a new study says smart city projects could tap into billions in private funds, according to a report by Siemens Financial Services into funding for smart cities. The report found that smaller “SmartStart” projects have the potential to access around $33 billion in private sector asset […]

Could global smart cities be funded by U.S.-style muni bonds?

While enthusiasm for smart city initiatives is not hard to find in India, project financing is. But a U.S.-style municipal bond market could be the solution. In an article on The Wire, two economists argue that smart city plans in India desperately need to develop sources of private financing to become reality. “One predominant feature […]

Signed, sealed, delivered: IoT boosts global trade finance

New Internet of Things (IoT) applications are having a significant impact on the modernization of global trade and supply chain financing. As discussed by the Global Trade Review, IoT is increasingly being integrated into the global trade of goods and related financing. These innovations are emerging against the backdrop of shipping firms increasingly integrating IoT […]

Can UK smart city projects harness $7B in private funding?

New research identifies nearly $7 billion in funding for U.K. smart city projects if players can tap into flows of private capital. An article by UK Authority discusses the recent smart city research paper by Siemens Financial Services. The paper modeled private sector financing opportunities to make up the shortfall in public funds for British […]