Resisting and Reducing Enterprise Storage Downtime

Resisting and Reducing Enterprise Storage Downtime

Downtime for an enterprise is the same as getting knocked out cold. The downtime is the inability to access essential data for extended periods is like getting an arm or a leg chopped off for an enterprise. Enterprise system downtime can cost millions in losses and lead to reputation damage, loss of business, and a […]

remote access solutions

Remote Access Solutions: Overcoming the Challenges

Once an unusual employment arrangement, remote work has become commonplace in companies across industries and of all sizes, with 70% of the global workforce working remotely at least once a week, according to a 2018 International Workplace Group (IWG) study. In response, an increasing number of organizations–particularly those wishing to attract Millennial talent–are allowing employees […]

To Prevent Fraud, Healthcare Organizations Must Streamline Their Data Processes

In 2018, Venmo suffered from a high volume of fraudulent transactions. Instead of taking measures to tightly control its data, the company responded by simply eliminating certain features. Only 2 percent of customers conducted transactions via the Venmo website, but the website accounted for 15 percent of net losses. Moving forward, the peer-to-peer payments company will only […]

fintech and bitcoin

5 Tips for Protecting Your FinTech Data Assets

Nasdaq’s automated quotations in the mid-seventies and online shopping in the mid-eighties were disruptive technologies for financial field. The latest disruptive fintech innovation, cryptocurrency, is gaining popularity with consumers, businesses and governmental bodies. Large corporations and governments are particularly interested in the underlying technology of cryptocurrency called blockchain. In fact, many organizations have launched initiatives […]