Uber looked into partnering with automaker for self-driving project

Uber’s self-driving project could have been a collaborative effort between the ride-hailing giant and a major automaker, according to a report by The Information. In the summer, Uber rejected an acquisition offer for the self-driving unit by an unnamed automaker. That led executives to discuss the possibility of further collaboration with automakers, to offset some […]


Georgia Tech gives self-driving some redneck spark

Autonomous cars can currently perform most of the basic driving tasks, like switching lanes or parking, but avoiding an oncoming vehicle or avoiding an animal on the road is still too complex for most systems. That is why Georgia Tech has built two rally trucks, 20 percent the size of normal trucks, to test some […]

Google self-driving car shakes fist at Palo Alto drivers

Google has published its monthly report on the self-driving project, detailing any updates, advances, and accidents that have happened. In the month of April, two accidents occurred involving the self-driving Lexuses. Both were minor incidents, which apparently stemmed from the other party hitting the self-driving car. The first accident dinged one car’s side mirror, and happened […]