Introducing the Technologies Set to Redefine Cloud Computing

For many years, enterprise cloud computing has been a careful balance — and sometimes an epic battle — between what is possible and what is practical on the ground. This dichotomy has led to a lot of confusion, which in turn can hold back development. Here is introducing the technologies set to redefine Cloud computing. […]

The Future of e-Commerce

Nobody can deny the fact that online stores have become a big part of our daily lives. I personally only do groceries shopping in traditional stores and shop online for everything else and by 2021 we will have an estimated of 2.1 billion users worldwide that do the same. With that kind of numbers, you […]


AT&T launches IoT starter kits for AWS and Raspberry Pi

AT&T announced two new Internet of Things (IoT) starter kits at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, one for Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers, the other for developers that use Raspberry Pi. It comes six months after the launch of the wireless giant’s first starter kit. The two new kits look to […]


Amazon unveils Greengrass for AWS IoT developers

Amazon Web Services has a new service dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) developers, called Greengrass. The service, announced on Wednesday at AWS re:invent in Las Vegas, will enable messaging, data caching, and local computing between IoT devices. See Also: IoT and companies: Everyone wants a piece of this revolution For IoT developers using low-power, […]

Is serverless architecture the electricity of software?

The terms serverless, lambda and “#noOps” have been circulating. At a cocktail party, it will cause business owners to find that now is the perfect time to go freshen up their drink. Don’t. Serverless architecture is as important to businesses as electricity was to the Industrial Revolution. Serverless architecture is an infrastructure breakthrough in allowing developers […]

Samsung sunny towards IoT with dedicated Artik Cloud

South Korean tech giant Samsung announced – at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco – plans to create Artik Cloud, a new service designed exclusively with the Internet of Things (IoT) in mind. Samsung is a global technology and manufacturing leader, and the brand name has become synonymous with quality electronics over the past […]