Conversational AI

How is Conversational AI Improving Customer Experience?

The Conversational AI allows the program to be a part of human-like interactions. This set of technologies empower the applications to send automated replies. It is yet another example of the exponential rate of innovations happening in the artificial intelligence field. As a result, businesses are investing in conversational AI technologies like Chatbots to serve […]

ai new space suit

Artificial Intelligence Helps Nasa Design New Moon-Bound Space Suit

Today, while most of us have a limited reach to what technology can do, it is essential to know that our scientists, AI development companies, and other tech companies have made remarkable progress in how technology has evolved. Artificial Intelligence that is human-like machines can do a lot more beyond our imagination. AI has made […]

ai sports betting

Sports Betting and AI: The Ultimate Gamble

Sports bettors and bookmakers are always looking for an edge. Sports betting is a massive industry that has grown exponentially over the last couple of years with legal expansion in US markets. In the United States, growth has already exceeded expectations. Here are sports betting and AI — the ultimate gamble. Sports Betting According to […]

tech insurance

Technology is Transforming the Insurance Sector

The insurance industry, for a long time, has been driven by traditional business models. It continued its legacy business process and products for quite some time.  But with the intervention of innovative technology, the insurance industry has witnessed positive outcomes. Advanced technologies and digital platforms are providing new means to measure, control, and track risks. […]

ai in pharmaceuticals

The Important Role AI Plays in the Future of Pharmaceuticals

One of the biggest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry right now is the high cost of developing a new drug and successfully bringing it to market. The process is long and costly — and goes against all the tenets of contemporary business acumen – which equate speed and cost-minimization to survival. Here are the important […]

Fintech Development Trends

Fintech Development Trends that You Must Know About

Fintech Development Trends are ever-changing and to keep yourself updated with these essentials. One of the most renowned words – Fintech, is a blend of “Finance” and “Technology.” Here are Fintech development trends that you must know about. Fintech defines any organization that uses technology to either automate or improve the financial process along with […]

ai customer service

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Service Industry

The achievement of any business organization is highly dependent on its customer relationship strategies. Client experience is exceptionally organized in any business. Consumer loyalty is profoundly impacted by the change brought about by the dynamic technologies. With the progression of technological advances, such as AI (artificial intelligence), NLP (natural language processing), Intelligent Chatbot, and ML […]

ai email marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing – The Possibilities

Email Marketing has been around since forever. There are plenty of articles any of us can read on Google about Email Marketing. Why is email marketing important? How to Master Email Marketing — and so on. The game-changer now is Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing. Here is how artificial intelligence in email marketing can up […]

ai in dentistry

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

In the past two decades, the world has made tremendous advances in technology and has affected many aspects of human life. Dental health has also benefited from technological advances. The intelligent toothbrush, virtual reality, laser technology, and 3D printing have fundamentally changed the dentistry landscape. The next big topic in dentistry will be the use […]

Middle East

Transition from Oil to AI: Middle East Can Be the Next Great AI Hub

What does your mind recall when you hear about the Middle East? A Fox News report? Terrorist groups? Or maybe Iran’s nuclear program? These are all true, but in less than one decade, the name of the Middle East may be associated with artificial intelligence, and this region could become one of the greatest AI […]

facial recognition

Facial Recognition Technology – All You Need to Know

Today, we see data of all kinds — no matter if we can see it or not. The massive collection of data includes thousands of photos and videos available that provide the data set, which is necessary to make things work efficiently. Here is facial recognition technology, all you need to know. Facial Recognition Facial […]

visual ai

It’s Time to Shift Digital with Visual AI

A seamless digital experience has long been the focus of product teams and technologists. From disruptive startups to the leading brands in technology and media, an emerging question is now top of mind. How can visual AI-based inspection technology help to eliminate the mundane tasks associated with quality assurance? It’s time to shift digital with visual […]

ai disrupt marketing

Is AI Going to Disrupt the Marketing Industry?

Developments in AI are advancing at a rampant pace, with innovations improving the quality of life in different ways across disciplines. For instance, Forbes estimates that 10 million self-driving cars will hit the road in 2020, and another study reported by Business Wire projects that automotive artificial intelligence will bring in revenues of over $14 billion by 2025. […]

understanding artificial intelligence

Guide to Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Getting started with Artificial Intelligence can lead to numerous questions and confusion, given the speed the world is changing and adopting this technology. There are plenty of resources available online but there has to be a start point. In this article, there is a brief introduction of Artificial Intelligence covering all its important aspects which […]

cybersecurity ai

The Future of Cybersecurity in the Hands of AI

Globally, the AI cybersecurity job market will witness 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021 according to The New York Times. Plus, the market size is predicted to reach USD 30.5 billion by 2025. A recent Synack Report claims that combining cybersecurity talent and AI-enabled technology results in 20x more effective attack surface coverage than […]

competency with AI

Best Competency With Artificial Intelligence is by Having Intelligent Experience

AI is changing the way customers interact with businesses. AI changes everything with how websites and bots will work — along with many other tools and integrated systems. Businesses protect and manage digital assets and data of the company. There is a day-to-day struggle in businesses currently using artificial intelligence, which is made more difficult […]

Tapping into the Human Side of AI

As an emerging technology, AI faces and will continue to face its fair share of challenges. On the one hand, consumers remain wary about adopting new tech. Envisioning a world where humans are displaced by AI-empowered machines gone amuck may be haunting a few late adopters. On the other hand, companies express frustration that AI […]

These Three Industries are About to be Hit by AIoT

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things (AIoT) is one of the newest players on the tech scene, and it’s already garnered attention at a rapid pace. That’s thanks to its compelling combination of intelligent cognition, edge computing, and autonomous capabilities. While IoT on its own is no doubt powerful, connected networks can only take […]