Robots are our stress relief

Treating Your Stress with AI Technology

Anxiety, stress, overthinking, and trauma are commonly used words to describe people suffering from mental health disorders that appear from work overload, depression, negative feedback, and much more. It’s very likely to see people suffering from anxiety faster than coming in contact with positive and uplifting people. Here is how to treat your stress with […]

What Conditions Are Required for Technological Innovation?

Technological innovation is what pushes us forward—and it’s what makes some of us rich beyond our wildest dreams. As a consumer, tech innovation is fascinating because it’s what grants us access to the latest devices and software products. As an entrepreneur, innovation or the lack thereof will make or break your tech company; if you […]

Well, AI, How do You Explain That?!

AI explainability is one of the most significant barriers to its adoption — but revealing the logic can take the human-machine relationship to the next level. The AI boom is upon us, but a closer look at specific use cases reveals a big barrier to adoption. In every vertical, businesses are struggling to make the […]