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I'm a constant blogger from the great city of Ottawa, Ontario. I enjoy all kinds of sports activities but I'm a nerd for modern-age technology gadgets. How ironic! I believe that words speak louder than actions, especially when they're coming from your angry partner. Anti-Pineapple pizza supporter and a huge dog lover.

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ai tech bots life like

AI Technology Bots are Looking Real Life-Like

The world is changing, and apparently, it’s moving to an era where flying cars and talking AI tech robots are a typical walk in the park. With technology taking over almost every aspect of our lives, change is occurring faster than we have interpreted. Though, it’s not a bad thing, for it has made our […]

Robots are our stress relief

Treating Your Stress with AI Technology

Anxiety, stress, overthinking, and trauma are commonly used words to describe people suffering from mental health disorders that appear from work overload, depression, negative feedback, and much more. It’s very likely to see people suffering from anxiety faster than coming in contact with positive and uplifting people. Here is how to treat your stress with […]