Rumors speculate that Samsung may be coming out with a new Samsung Galaxy Tab Z Fold next year, a tablet that could fold 3 times, coming from a report by Gizmochina.

The company also says that it may come out in the first quarter of 2022, and a picture originating from China shows what the device may look like. There’s no way of proving that it’s real, however, the image looked fairly similar to TCL’s zigzag folding concept, as shown in the picture below.
The latest report states that Samsung may tease the device while launching the galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3, and rumours say that the company is currently deciding whether or not they should do this idea.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab Dual Foldable Patent S Pen Charging

Putting aside the special folding display, the triple folding device is confident to release a new S-Pen designed for the device and a new and improved ultra-thin glass, which will appear in the Galaxy Fold 3 when released.

Some exciting news is that Samsung will also leak teasers in the middle of production, similar to the Galaxy S21 series, with its Twitter channel and teasers being released on it.

The Tab Z Fold’s Folding Capabilities

The device is said to be able to fold inwards and outwards. Patent experts at LetsGoDigital have created renders based on the diagrams in Samsung’s 52-page document. Judging by these pictures, the company seems to be planning to make a device that has 3 screens and 2 hinges. When fully opened, the device has a giant display with a dual cut out for the front camera, and the screen is nearly as big as a tablet, and it is said to even a feature such as the S-Pen.

When both sides of the device are folded inwards, the two other displays form together to make on small screen. The S-Pen is like the Galaxy Tab S7+, as it can be attached magnetically to the side of the phone, including wireless charging or you could put it in the recess slot that forms due to the two smaller displays, and also allows faster charging.
When opened to its capacity, the device has a dual camera setup, including a LED flash

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab Dual Foldable Patent Selfie Camera

It could be a year to a couple of years until Samsung releases this device, but judging by what happened to previous fold models, they’ll know how to get rid of mistakes.