Anyone concerned about protecting personal data has to feel like their firewall is more of a pasta strainer right about now. You even leak data when you download apps. Here’s an app desiged to help you understand what you’re giving up when you download.

Every time you download an app, you pass a stream of data to the app’s maker. The developer might need that information for absolutely legitimate reasons, but wouldn’t you to at least like to know what you’re giving up?

MobileScope monitors, detects and controls the leakage of personal data on your mobile phone. It prevents  apps and other programs on your phone from transmitting your personal info without your consent. MobileScope can’t make app developers purge your data.

MobileScope is in beta tests, and is free. Interestingly, the app doesn’t reside on smartphones. Clicking on the app takes you to a Web site holding a log of what’s been transferred from your phone by apps.

You can also set up “canaries,” or alerts, for when specific pieces of info, like your name or phone number, are shared. 

Ashkan Soltani, MobileScope’s co-founder, says that once dodgy behavior is detected, his company discloses that information. But, “we don’t send out any cease-and-desist letters,” Soltani said.

So what does MobileScope do with all that data they’ve collected on you, you ask? After each session, the company discards your information. The only place where it’s permanently stored is on your personal mobile device. Phew.