Sometimes you just do not need a team of 400 coders and a billion-pound budget to make something that people enjoy playing. For hours. In the last few days, a web-based sandbox “game” called Infinite Craft has taken the internet by storm, as people desperately “craft” items trying to make discoveries and become the owner of the “First Discovery” badge on something, meaning you were the first player to get that combination.

If you haven’t played Infinite Craft, this will sound like absolute gibberish, but bear with us!

How to play Infinite Craft 

To get in on the action you need to head to the Infinite Craft website in your browser. This will take you to developer Neal Argawal’s site and you will be faced with an empty screen and a column on the right-hand side containing boxes named after four elements, Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth.

To craft new things you must first drag one of the elements into the center of the screen. Let’s Start with Earth. Now drag Water on top of it and it will change to Plant. Congrats, you have just made your first thing in Infinite Craft. You will notice that Plant has now been added to your items on the right.

Now drag Fire onto Plant and you get Smoke. And so on and forth. Add Wind to Smoke and you now have Cloud as well. Keep going. There are some crazy things in there, most of which make perfect sense if you think about it. 

For example, if you drop Earthquake onto Tunnel it gives you Cave. Drop Hot onto Cave and now you have a Sauna. It’s a wacky train of thought but you will soon get an idea of how it all works in the mind of Neal at least.

How to make monsters in Infinite Craft

Right, let’s make some monsters. Here’s how we get to the Loch Ness Monster

Make the Loch Ness Monster in Infinite Craft

  • Clay+Clay = Brick
  • Brick + Brick = Wall
  • Flood + Flood = Ocean
  • Ocean + Flood = Tsunami
  • Clay + Brick = House
  • Stone + House = Castle
  • Castle + Castle = Palace
  • Palace + Tsunami = Atlantis
  • Swamp + Atlantis = Loch Ness
  • Loch Ness + Ocean = Monster
  • Loch Ness + Monster = Nessie

Want another?

Make Godzilla in Infinite Craft

Let’s try Godzilla. Here goes:

  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Ocean
  • Ocean + Earth = Island
  • Island + Island = Continent
  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Continent = Asia
  • Asia + Earth = China
  • Mountain + Mountain = Mountain Range
  • China + Mountain Range = Great Wall
  • Water + Earth = Plant
  • Plant + Plant = Tree
  • Tree + Fire = Ash
  • Ash + Fire = Phoenix
  • Phoenix + Great Wall = Dragon
  • China + Asia = Japan
  • Japan + Dragon = Godzilla

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