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Startup Investment

How to Choose a Startup Investment

To expand your wealth and achieve specific financial goals, you’re going to have to make some investments. However, those investments come with the significant risk of potential loss. Fortunately, the investment world has grown to offer more investment options and ways to assess those options. This includes more opportunities for individuals and companies to get […]

Advancements in AI Will Create a Three-Day Workweek

We’ve all heard the complaints about artificial intelligence: It’s going to steal human jobs. AI bots like Alexa are trying to take over our lives (and probably know more about us than they should). Even tech superstars like Elon Musk and Bill Gates are concerned about AI and its abilities. But focusing on AI and emerging tech’s worst-case scenarios prevents us from […]

Computer hacker silhouette of hooded man

How to Feel Secure With Your Data in 2018

Implementing multiple layers of security is the common thread for today’s data security strategies. The layered approach has worked in some cases. However, other companies have still become vulnerable to hackers. In fact, numerous large global enterprises with significant technology budgets have fallen victim to hackers. It may make you wonder just how realistic it is to […]

Three Ways Tech Is Fueling Growth in the Sports Industry

In many ways, the sports industry has remained untouched by time. The first international Olympics of modern history may have taken place in 1896, but the event was based on the Olympic Games held in ancient Greece beginning in 776 B.C. People have watched sporting events for centuries. Still, there are major differences between the sports industry […]

How meetings are using ai

How to Fix All the Things You Hate About Meetings with AI

Meetings have gotten a bad rap over the years, with people mistakenly assuming every meeting is a productivity drain. In fact, good meetings can be a huge boost, especially if they help you work through issues and come up with new ideas. For meetings to be useful, though, it’s important to find ways to overcome […]

6 Simple, No-Nonsense Accounting Apps for Microbusinesses

“Small” businesses today come in a broad range of sizes, from the 500-person light manufacturing plant to the “solopreneur.” One distinct category is the microbusiness, which typically features one owner with up to four other employees. A freelancer is a good example of a microbusiness, as is someone who owns his or her own landscaping […]

Five Ways An Accelerator Can Propel Your Startup To Success

Accelerators have appeared across the country and around the world. Their goal is to push startups further along — to help them grow into their potential and start benefiting the economy. Accelerators also want to share in developing disruptive new technology. In a Harvard Business Review article titled “What Startup Accelerators Really Do,” Booking Institution Nonresident […]

4 Ways Connected Devices Are Poised to Transform Your Next Big Event

The Internet of Things has invaded our homes with smart thermostats, smart locks, and smart toothbrushes. It has invaded our offices with smart assistants, data security, and connected devices between remote teams. And corporate events are the new frontier. Whether you’re unveiling a new product at SXSW or hosting your own expo, interconnectivity can and should be an integral […]


How the IoT and Related Tech Are Helping to Update the Energy Sector

Energy sector improvements have the capacity to affect almost every other industry. We all recognize the importance of a reliable energy system — after all, no business runs without electricity. As DataRPM, a Progress company that uses anomaly detection and prediction to provide a stable energy supply, notes in its recent e-book, “Since energy literally drives everything in the industrial […]

Modern Day Sales: 8 Ways Companies are Changing the Future of Sales

Like most functions in today’s businesses, sales is currently undergoing a transformation. Lead generation, customer acquisition, and sales resources are being approached differently. Companies now replace the cold call with new sales tools and tactics that are changing results for the better. If you are a small to medium-sized business, you may be contemplating how […]