Residents of Singapore now have the option of contactless payment wearables, thanks to the collaboration between EZ-Link, Watchdata Technologies and Garmin. In late January, two contactless payment options were introduced.

“This collaboration with EZ-Link puts Singapore on the road map as the first country in South-east Asia to offer a contactless payment solution where you can pay for public transport rides with a tap of your wearable on your wrist. Integrating the latest smarts, such as innovative payment solutions, into our wearable devices is one of the key pillars of our ongoing efforts to help consumers experience new ways of convenience in their daily life,” says Al Sundoro, General Manager, Garmin South Asia.

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Commuters can use the Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link and Garmin vivosmart HR with EZ-Link smartwatch to pay for their regular commutes on public trains and buses. The devices utilize the EZ-link CEPAS purse for contactless payment on public transport and at over 30,000 EZ-link acceptance areas throughout the island.

Works with other fitness trackers

Users can also pair the Watchdata Wearables mobile application with the Batman v Superman Fitness Tracker X EZ-Link with the aid of Bluetooth to keep track of steps taken, calories burned and quality of sleep.

The Garmin vivosmart HR with EZ-Link provides constant steps monitoring, fitness and sleep activity tracking, and a heart-rate monitor. It can also be combined with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, it can receive various notifications from Facebook, to WhatsApp messages. Those interested can purchase it at the end of March from major retailers in Singapore at the price of S$259.

“Our vision for EZ-Link Wearables is to give our users new possibilities and freedom, by blending an essential part of their daily journeys – EZ-Link with different aspects of their lives. We are excited to partner with Garmin and Watchdata Technologies to give both hardcore fitness enthusiasts and more casual active lifestyle seekers options in realizing their fitness goals and enjoying their daily commutes with just one stylish device,” says Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link.