Lenovo has previewed its “holiday product launch” for IFA 2016, which includes a bendable smartphone. But will they extend that tech to a new generation of wearables, too?

The 50-second teaser video showed someone bending the phone, which appears to be running on the Android platform. Google has not, as far as we are aware, added functionality for devices that change shape.

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Internally named CPlus, the device has a 4.26-inch display and supposedly has a variety of color options. Lenovo did not confirm if it plans to launch the device at IFA 2016.

Bendable devices have been at media events for a few years now, but to date commercial successes have been few and far between. Worries about app compatibility and frequent crashes are the main reasons for the lack of consumer traction to date.

Instead, vendors like Samsung have launched “edge” smartphones, like the Galaxy S7 Edge. These aren’t bendable, but do have slight bends on the edges, which can be an options menu or app draw.

Lenovo also hinted at more Moto mods for the Moto Z at the event. Motorola launched the smartphone earlier this year, with the ability to attach large “mods” on the back that offer additional battery life, loud speakers, and other upgrades.

Is the next step moving beyond smartphones?

The mods are seen as the baby step into modular smartphones, which Motorola has worked on for a few years.

In the video, Lenovo also hinted at a next generation Moto 360 smartwatch. We expect the device to run Android Wear and come with additional battery life and a sleeker frame.

Lenovo also mentioned a new type of keyboard for tablets, servers and a tablet-PC hybrid in its teaser video…and all shall apparently be explained at IFA 2016.