Sentiment analysis is all the rage these days – the ability not to just track what is being said about a particular subject but how the post is characterized – and as we’ve written about most recently last month here no one really has a lock on this corner of the analytics market quite yet. This week a new entrant has cast their hat into the social media sentiment ring and you can be one of the first 200 readers to try it out yourself.

The company is Proliphiq, pronounced prolific, and they have a semi-open beta that you can experiment with and see what they are trying to do. You go to their site and if you are one of the first 200 people to use this unlock code you can register and explore it more fully.

Access code: pqff_l0_205496d4f8fd39

You’ll see a main dashboard that looks like below and has on two different axes measures of engagement and credibility. Obviously you want to be as close to the upper right corner as you can, and you can see for certain kinds of sites the universe that they track will have varying patterns on both scores. The dashboard is quite flashy (literally) but once you spend some time with it you will appreciate what they have done here to make it easier to explore its measurement tools and topics.

While there are lots of others in this space, they tend to provide more simplistic measurements, such as the Klout score for social media reach. Proliphiq tries to do a better job by showing that there are more dimensions to reach and more nuances. For example, they incorporate user reviews, personality and tone of the post, as well as the kinds of social media connections. These are merged with real-time data analysis so you can quickly identify trending topics and the most influential and trusted sources on these topics. There is an accordion-style slider bar to help you with the discovery process of these trending themes.

As you mouse over each source, you can see the trend lines of these metrics over time, and also get more details about the associated tags of subject matter, how many views of his You Tube channel and Facebook friends, and so forth.

The tagging element is somewhat crowdsourced and intelligent so that people supposedly can’t easily game the system. Each person is assigned a rating card (shown here) and various other rankings.

Proliphiq is a free service. There will be fee-based services that provide more insights into their data they collect.

david strom