It’s been a crazy conference week with VMworld and Dreamforce ’11 going on at the same time. News from those shows have been all over ReadWriteWeb’s channels this week, like the VMware vFabric Data Director announcement, and CloudStack going 100% open source.

We also looked at storing Salesforce data locally, and Microsoft’s digs at a certain virtualization vendor over cloud computing.

Top Stories of the Week

This week, Scott Fulton’s been on fire. He turned in an exceptionally thoughtful piece about the implications of friending things. Says Fulton, “we have to start wondering, at what point will this leveraging of social media for the purposes of data mining and customer engagement drive back the social media revolution, and force millions upon millions of new users to dial down the volume?” Seriously, take the time to read this piece, it’s worth the time.

Also check out SSL Certificates: What’s Left to Trust?, where Fulton looks at the SSL certificates improperly granted by DigiNotar. Must-read material for anyone that depends on SSL, and if you’re reading this site – you almost certainly do.

Along those lines, David Strom looks at the proliferation of fake IDs online. Strom reports that as much as 40% of the accounts registered on some sites were created by spammers.

Good news for SAP this week in the Oracle case, but not so much for AT&T.

Finally, the folks at Seesmic have big plans with Seesmic CRM replacing the desktop.

As usual, there’s much more from the ReadWriteWeb Channels this week that you shouldn’t miss:

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