Stuck on a Ruby on Rails problem? Call Rails Hotline, a free helpline staffed by volunteer Rails developers, at (877) 817-4190.

Rails Hotline, which was just launched this morning, is powered by Pocket Hotline, a platform designed for companies to crowdsource technical support.

The hotline was created by Chap Ambrose, a long time Rails developer. Ambrose told us that he was looking for a way to give back to the Ruby community, since both Ruby and Rails are free open source software and he’d never contributed a single line.

He thinks other volunteers have similar motivations. “It’s pretty satisfying to talk to Ruby beginners and help them out,” he says.

Ambrose says so far the questions he’s been getting are about things like best practices, or bits of the documentation that the caller is having a hard time with. He says these sorts of things make more sense to discuss live with another person than to post about in forums.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can find an application here.