Come July, ThinkFree, the web office provider which first added mobile access in 2008, will unveil the only completeOffice suite for the Android OS.

To date, the official Android Market has had slim pickings when it comes to document editing, with the majority of apps being simple notepads. For enterprise users, so many of whom still rely heavily on Microsoft Office, a notepad simply won’t cut it.

The only Office-compliant Android app to be found thus far is Documents To Go, which for the initial price of $19.99 supports Word and Excel.

But unless something else comes out of the woodwork, ThinkFree’s anticipated Android edition will provide the full trifecta of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, along with 1GB of online storage. It’s doubtful anyone will be creating their slide decks from scratch or doing serious spreadsheet entry from their G1, but for quick and dirty document editing, this should be a much-needed solution for Android devotees, especially in the enterprise.