Today we’re launching a new channel called ReadWriteStart, in which we’ll profile early stage startups and entrepreneurs. As well as startup profiles, we aim to help entrepreneurs in the critical early days of a start-up. We are a startup ourselves, building a business without external funding in a tough economy. So we know the spills as well as the thrills.

In this channel we’ll focus on entrepreneurs building web technology ventures. That is what we know best. Some of our writing will be valuable to entrepreneurs in any line of business, but we’ll focus on the specific technical, financial, management and personal challenges of building a business online.

Our sponsor for this Channel is Microsoft BizSpark. They pay the bills, but they have no say in what we write.

ReadWriteStart is about the people who really make it happen in this world, the founding teams of entrepreneurs who don’t take a no (OK, many, many no’s) for an answer, and do what it takes to get their venture up and running.

We will report on all the people who can help those entrepreneurs, the investors, deal-makers, lawyers, accountants, incubators, marketing gurus and vendors of technology products and services. But, the hero of this story is the entrepreneur.