Factiva, the gated business news service from Dow Jones, is getting a facelift and some new enhancements this month. A new iPad app is now available that makes it easier to retrieve information in nine different languages. There is more content and news from social media sources. The enhancements bring nearly 600 continuously updated news feeds to the service, including the Dow Jones, Reuters and AP news wires. Users can search for same-day coverage of major newspapers and read transcripts of various TV and radio news broadcasts.

Also new to the service is a feature called Snapshots. These capture a personalized view of information and events on a specific industry, company, region or topic in a single view with timelines, heat maps and charts to uncover and analyze business risks and opportunities.

For all this access, Factiva doesn't come cheaply. These latest enhancements aren't available to individual subscribers, and prices for enterprise plans are typically in the five and six figures.