Hitch is a tool that enables pair programmers to attribute code to multiple authors in Git commits.

"Just like Maverick and Goose, one dev flies, and one is pretty much the Radar Intercept Officer, having a more dedicated view of threats including syntax errors and stray whitespace," writes Wynn Netherland at The Changelog. "But just like there are two names on those Top Gun plaques, there are two devs in a pair, so there shouldn't there be two names on the Git commit?"

How does it work? Here's Netherland's example:

$ hitch pengwynn adamstac

I don't know who pengwynn is.
Do you want to add pengwynn to ~/.hitch_pairs?
$ y

What is pengwynn's full name?

$ Wynn Netherland
I don't know who adamstac is.

$ y
What is adamstac's full name?

$ Adam Stacoviak
What is the group email? e.g. dev@hashrocket.com will become dev+therubymug+leshill@hashrocket.com

$ ping@thechangelog.com
Adam Stacoviak and Wynn Netherland