Solar Panels

Solar Panels Installation: 6 Unexpected Factors to Consider

Over the past 10 years, rooftop houses with solar panels have evolved from curiosity to a common phenomenon. This technology has been available for decades – astronauts have been using solar-powered satellites since 1960, and in the Second World War, passive solar heating systems, which convert solar energy into heat instead of electricity, have been […]

Are smart city startups the 2.0 version of cleantech firms?

The smart city space is basking in interest from global governments and companies looking to invest where environment and technology intersect. This intersection was formerly considered the domain of cleantech, and under the smart city mantle it may be so again. A recent Bloomberg article raised the notion that many cleantech startups are rebranding as […]

This is the highway you will be driving on in 20 years

Imagine driving on the highway in your self-driving car. You are reading emails on your phone while your car suddenly slows down. You look out the window, and ”Warning! Rockslide in 1,000 feet” is written in LED lights on the road. The connected cars immediately change lane as the LED lane markings changes. This is […]


Can self-driving cars run your town’s transit system?

Babcock Ranch, located eight miles east of Fort Myers, Florida, is a new sustainable smart town currently in development. Kitson & Partners are in charge and earlier this week suggested that autonomous vehicles would be the main mode of public transport. Similar to NuTonomy’s plans in Singapore, Kitson & Partners wants to have a mobile […]