Masabi brings smart ticketing to smart cities

While we plan for a future of automated cars, the reality is the public transport is the lifeblood of any smart city. Inherent with the growth of smart city development is an increase in interconnected, zero-emission public transport, city-wide communication systems, monitored traffic and city mapping. One of the companies involved in such developments is […]

Thailand pushes public-private partnerships to build smart cities

Faced with daunting costs for urban technology upgrades, the government of Thailand is actively fostering private smart city partnerships. Singapore’s e27 News examined Thailand’s recent prioritization of private smart city partnerships. Under a government plan to accelerate smart cities around the country, Thailand has called on private industry to launch ventures devoted to innovation, asset […]


How Helsinki is bringing smart city innovation to its core

There are few capital cities around the world that are not directing finances and energy into connected technology. Every year local neighborhoods, suburbs, and cities incorporate technology into their infrastructure, transport systems, housing and local services. From Jaipur to Seoul, what makes each location unique is how they respond to challenges specific to their location, landscape, […]

Autonomous boats could be sailing into Amsterdam

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions  have started the world’s first major research program on autonomous floating vessels in metropolitan areas. The program, named Roboat, is the world’s first major research program on autonomous floating systems that focusses on moving people and goods, portable infrastructure and data […]