6 ways that IoT is reshaping today’s insurance proposition

Ovum believes that the global insurance industry is entering a distinct phase of disruptive change driven by the Internet of Things (IoT). While the insurance industry has undergone significant technology-driven change in the last fifteen years, the basic insurance modus operandi has remained the same. However, as the industry enters this new phase, emerging IoT-based […]

Is the “augmented customer” the future of tech?

A report released this week by global research and consulting firm Ovum has explored the changing identity of the customer in the digital age with the emergence of what they term the  “Augmented Customer” — an interconnectedness between customers, retailers, and technology. “With the number of connected smart devices expected to double thanks to advancements in smart home, […]

Big Data: Overhyped And Overpaid?

Big Data: Overhyped And Overpaid?

Gartner claims that Big Data is overhyped and about to fall into the trough of disillusionment, but salaries for Big Data pros suggest that enterprises are putting their money where their mouth is.