Japan wants us self-driving to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Mitsubishi Electric, Zenrin and nine other automakers will start collecting high resolution 3D maps for self-driving cars to use, in preparation for autonomous car deployment in the country. The project is backed by the Cabinet Office’s Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (quite a mouthful), which commissioned Dynamic Map Planning, a joint venture of the 11 […]

Is the Cybathlon the future of the Paralympics?

With the 2016 Paralympics kicking off in a couple of weeks, highly trained athletes are preparing for a range of competitive events that pit people with similar disabilities against each other in 528 events sports including wheelchair basketball, blind rugby and canoe sprints. But as sports training and equipment becomes more technologically advanced, some are […]


McDonald’s Happy Meal wearable rubs people the wrong way

McDonald’s has prematurely ended fitness tracker sales in the U.S. and Canada, which came inside the fast-food chain’s Happy Meal. Intended as a way to get kids active, McDonald’s inadvertently caused a lot of parents to worry what was happening to their child’s skin. It received complaints from customers about skin irritation a few hours […]


Report says Rio athletes want more out of their wearables

Wearables are becoming commonplace in practice games and training, but have received a lukewarm response from athletes, unhappy with the lack of advice or instructions. Athletes see the advantages of using wearables, according to a report from Lux Research, but want to see wearable providers take more of an active role on the advice side. […]

Will Rio athletes trade their Halo for medals?

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio bring not only teams of highly trained athletes but also bags full of wearable technology which aims to monitor the health and physicality of athletics as they prepare for peak performance. In these latest Games, we see sports psychology usurped by neuroscience that is designed to maximize the power of […]

USA Cycling drafts off IBM cloud in Rio gold hunt

In the ramp up to the Rio Olympics, USA Cycling Women’s Team Pursuit is boosting riders’ performance through connected devices and wearables that generate real-time insights via IBM’s Apache Spark cloud-based data analytics. Performance insights gained from data analytics are increasingly used as a training tool in the hyper-competitive field of top-tier sport, especially in […]

Can Halo Sport change our brain efficiency?

In the era of the quantified self  we are able to use a range of trackers and monitors within the Internet of Things (IoT) to assess and monitor our health throughout each day and night. But a small suite of companies like Thync and Fisher Wallace Laboratories have extended this reach to the use of  wearables […]