Accenture opens Liquid Studio to speed up software development

Multinational services firm Accenture has opened its first Liquid Studio in London’s business district, to enable customers and collaborators to speed up software development. Accenture claims that the Liquid Studio can vastly reduce the time spent developing a prototype and can lead to more innovative solutions. In some cases, the firm said the development cycle […]


Nissan to start European autonomous car tests in London

Japanese automaker Nissan has said it will start autonomous car tests in London next month, as it looks to branch out its self-driving program to European roads. A modified version of the Nissan Leaf, the company’s compact electric car, will be tested on public roads in the UK’s capital. It comes a few months after […]


Volvo also wants an autonomous car on the road by 2020

Plenty of automotive companies have announced plans to have an autonomous car on the roads at the start of the next decade, but Volvo went a step further and said no human supervision will be needed for its self-driving vehicle. “The thing that is unique is that we are trying to deploy the technology in […]

London’s Buckingham Palace area to get royal IoT treatment

London’s Westminster City will soon be wired with the Silver Spring Networks’ Starfish Internet of Things (IoT) mesh network, transforming the venerable neighborhood of palaces and cathedrals into a modern smart city. The firm announced its latest deployment in a media announcement against the backdrop of the Internet of Things World Conference and Exposition, in Santa […]


Can IoT make bike rides safer?

London-based folding bike manufacturer Brompton has revealed an internet-connected prototype of its bike, utilizing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to manage and provide information to the rider about the city of London. Foldable bikes have become popular in London for their portability, allowing riders to take them into an office rather than […]