Shopify Stock

Shopify Stock’s Recent Uptick Is Not a Sign to Buy

Since the end of July, Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) stock has been trending higher. With this uptick, you may think that SHOP stock has already bottomed out and is ready to make a real recovery. Yet far from the start of a rebound, what’s played out with shares in the e-commerce software company can be best described as a “dead […]

Bear Markets Bring Fortunes

Bear Markets Bring Us Fortunes, and This One’s Almost Over

Investors make the biggest profits on Wall Street by buying the dip in bear markets. The biggest gains in bull markets always happen in their earliest stages, when bear markets end, and bull markets begin. In a “normal” year, around three stocks rise 10X in value, but in years after the market crashes, that number […]

Don't Buy Shopify Stock

Now Is Not the Time to Buy Shopify Stock

Don’t buy flailing SHOP stock in the hope of a turnaround happening anytime soon. Shopify (SHOP) stock dropped 5.9% on Wednesday after the company completed its stock split. On a split-adjusted basis, SHOP stock is now down over 75% so far in 2022. Tempting as these cheap shares may be, you should not buy SHOP stock […]

Bet on GameStop

Billionaire Ray Dalio Just Bet on GameStop (GME) Stock

Need a reason to buy GameStop? This massive hedge fund is providing one today. Recent 13F filings show that Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates purchased a position in GameStop (NYSE:GME) stock The hedge fund also purchased a sizable position in rival meme stock AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) This could signal to the market that the hedge fund is advocating for a risk-on approach […]

IPOF Stock Fans

Dear IPOF Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for Oct. 14

Here’s what’s driving IPOF stock higher today. In this market, few stocks are doing well today. Most stocks are trending downward, as investors bemoan rising interest rates and a more aggressive Federal Reserve. However, investors in certain companies such as Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings VI (NYSE:IPOF) and IPOF stock are actually seeing positive price action today For […]

Natural Gas Stocks

3 Natural Gas Stocks to Buy Now to Power Up Your Portfolio

Natural gas markets are under increasing stress in Europe after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For now, the American gas market is marginally affected. These tensions have raised Europe’s awareness on securing alternative sources of gas supply, even at a premium price. U.S. natural gas markets are well-positioned to benefit from these developments and natural […]

Artificial Intelligence Stocks

7 Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10 for Your Watch List

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been a strong force in the business and tech sector. It offers many benefits to large organizations and individuals alike, from enhancing workforce productivity to providing solutions to common problems. Gartner released a report that found at least one-third of businesses are looking to spend at least $1 million on AI […]

EV Stocks Have Been Crushed

EV Stocks Have Been Crushed. Why It’s Time to Buy the Dip.

Within the next 1,500 words, I’m going to convince you to buy the dip in the best EV stocks with both hands. And I’m going to start by talking about your favorite cereal. Ready? OK, here goes nothing. When you’re rolling down the aisle of your local grocery store and see your favorite cereal — normally priced […]