Will Rio athletes trade their Halo for medals?

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio bring not only teams of highly trained athletes but also bags full of wearable technology which aims to monitor the health and physicality of athletics as they prepare for peak performance. In these latest Games, we see sports psychology usurped by neuroscience that is designed to maximize the power of […]

Can Halo Sport change our brain efficiency?

In the era of the quantified self  we are able to use a range of trackers and monitors within the Internet of Things (IoT) to assess and monitor our health throughout each day and night. But a small suite of companies like Thync and Fisher Wallace Laboratories have extended this reach to the use of  wearables […]


IoT investment bulks up in 2nd best quarter ever

The Internet of things (IoT) continues to be an investment darling for venture funds who keep on dumping record amounts of cash into the industry. In Q1 2016, IoT startups charted their second highest funding quarter in history across all subcategories save one – wearables. According to analysis by CB Insights, investor interest in IoT […]