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Smart Farming Solutions – How IoT transforms Agriculture Sector

Connected cars, smarter homes, and cities– the IoT (Internet of Things) has transformed our lives in many ways. The concept has enhanced our comforts through automation. Though various industry sectors have started leveraging the benefits of IoT, the agriculture sector is yet to avail its full potential. Many scopes for utilizing IoT remain unexplored in […]

iiot in farming

Farm to Fridge: an industrial IoT (IIoT) love story

One of the great parts of my job is talking to industrial technologists from a wide variety of businesses. I had an interesting conversation recently with some people from a large dairy. Forget whatever image you may have; today’s large commercial dairies are extremely sophisticated enterprises that are always looking for new ways to leverage […]

How IoT can change the future of farming in droughts

Farmers will soon have a solution for water conservation, which is especially good news for those farms located in drought stricken areas, such as California. Entering its fourth year of drought, California has imposed serious water restrictions, with the State Water Resources Control Board, even begging people to let their lawns die. See also:  Can […]