Totem’s poles to power electric car charging in smart cities

A new bundled energy system was unveiled by Totem Power that aims to give smart cities a suite of location-based energy services through cyborg palm trees. Greentech Media reported on the recent emergence of the Bedford, N.Y.-based startup from stealth mode. Key to Totem’s vision is its 18-foot solar-powered poles festooned with technology to boost […]

Is Seoul the world’s smartest city?

In many ways, the city of Seoul is both a blueprint “how-to” guide for smart city development and a petri-dish for technological experiments. Almost every aspect of public life in Seoul is guided by technology, from its integrated public transport system to the government’s emergency warning system. Companies like Microsoft, Cisco and LG are just a […]


E-scooters key to smart city climate change gains

Reducing congestion and C02 emissions is a fundamental part of any smart city project, and one of the best ways to do that is introduce electric bikes and scooters to commuters. That’s according to Navigant Research, an analyst firm that says smart cities need to do their part promoting “e-bikes” and “e-scooters” as viable transport […]