Tesla working on autonomous platooning for electric semi-truck

Tesla is reportedly working on a platooning system for its upcoming electric semi-truck, set to be unveiled in September, which will connect several self-driving trucks to a leader vehicle. It is close to a prototype of the platooning system, according to email conversations between Tesla and the Nevada Department for Motor Vehicles (DMV), seen by […]


Nissan turns over a new self-driving Leaf with ProPilot

Nissan has revealed some of the self-driving features coming to the next generation Leaf EV, due to start shipping before the end of the year. The ProPilot driver assist is not anywhere near the fully autonomous future we keep hearing about, but it will control steering, acceleration, and braking in a single freeway lane. See […]


Renault and Powervault partner to power home battery units

Energy storage firm Powervault has announced a supply partnership with Renault, aimed at reducing the cost of smart home battery units by 30 percent. The French automaker will supply 50 batteries from electric vehicles, as part of a trial to explore the performance of second life batteries in storage units. See Also: How San Leandro […]

Blockchain drives Wanxiang’s $30B smart city project

Another company jumped on the blockchain bandwagon in a big way, with Wanxiang’s $30 billion smart city project. The Chinese electric car maker announced the mega-project at the Global Blockchain Summit. Wanxiang said that it will invest $30 billion in a project that will integrate blockchain technologies with smart city innovations. The project will involve […]

Tesla upgrades AutoPilot — but you still need to pay attention

Tesla Motors will send an over-the-air AutoPilot update to Model S and X owners, which adds radar improvements and additional safety warnings to the semi-autonomous system. To understand the update, it is important to know how AutoPilot previously worked. A rear-view mirror camera, front bumper radar sensor and 12 ultrasonic sensors developed an image of […]


LeEco to drop $3 billion on self-driving car plant

LeEco announced last week a $3 billion industrial park that it plans to build in Huzhou City, Zhejiang to rival Tesla’s Gigafactory. The complex, which will be built in two parts, will manufacture the LeSee electric car, car batteries and electric motors, and serve as an R&D center for self-driving and other emerging automotive tech. […]


Self-driving Formula 1 Roborace lets drivers watch

Motorsport is more than just entertainment, it is a way for car manufacturers to show off the latest car technology on the track. And that may include self-driving features, if the Roborace championship is given the green light. Created by designer Daniel Simon, who has previously worked for Bugatti and created vehicles for Hollywood movies, the […]