PTC updates ThingWorx IoT platform, simplifies developer tools

PTC has announced a new version of its ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which simplifies developer tools, adds new clouds and services, and enhances the amount of connected devices and analytics available. Users will be able to choose, for the first time, a public cloud service. Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be the first […]


Cypress to acquire Broadcom’s IoT business for $550 million

Semiconductor firm Cypress has announced a $550 million acquisition of Broadcom’s Internet of Things (IoT) division. It comes on the same day Cypress CEO T.J. Rodgers revealed his intention to step down as leader of the company he founded, after 34 years in charge. The acquisition includes Broadcom’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee IoT products and […]


Arrayent debuts Nest-friendly EcoAdaptor for developers

Internet of Things (IoT) developer Arrayent has announced its first EcoAdaptor for the Works with Nest platform. The EcoAdaptor “reduces deployment time associated with the product certification process” for IoT developers looking to utilize Nest’s APIs and connect with smart home products. Arrayent will provide development and debugging tools to ensure that IoT developers receive […]


Happy birthday, Arduino: new IoT developer boards for everyone!

To commemorate Arduino Day 2016, the foundation has announced the Arduino MKR1000 and Genuino MKR1000 developer boards are available for Internet of Things (IoT) developers. The developer board specifications are identical, but the foundation uses the Genuino name outside of the United States. The board has three main blocks, which feature a SAM D21 Cortex-M0+ […]


Building developer communities, part two: Crytek

Yesterday Unity Development Interview with Unity Development’s Carl Callewaert about what they have learned about the best ways to build developer communities. Today we are talking with David Bowman, the Director of Production at Crytek on the same subject, and how social media is a vital element to empowering your community. Crytek has a very […]