Will micro-moment strategies bolster wearables’ future?

Though smartwatch interest has flagged lately, a new study predicts a bright future for wearable devices in the U.S. As reported by ZDNet, research firm Forrester recently released “Wearables Forecast: 2016 to 2020” which included a bullish take on the technology’s growth. Among its findings Forrester anticipates that one in three Americans will be sporting […]

Can Halo Sport change our brain efficiency?

In the era of the quantified self  we are able to use a range of trackers and monitors within the Internet of Things (IoT) to assess and monitor our health throughout each day and night. But a small suite of companies like Thync and Fisher Wallace Laboratories have extended this reach to the use of  wearables […]

MLB’s new season kicks off….now with wearables

With a new season kicking off, Major League Baseball (MLB) has finally approved its first professional wearables that they’ll allow on the field this season. The league has been opposed to wearables for several years. But this year, two products made the roster: The MotusBaseball, which measures arm exertion and stress levels and the Zephyr Bioharness, […]