Check out a Down Under IoT solution to environmental quality

According to the head of an Australian environmental consulting services company, the first part of improving environmental quality is tracking it, overcoming regular methods that only capture a few locations and focus on basic displays of real-time data. Robin Ormerod, the Managing Director of EnviroSuite, says, “Often, the information displayed lacks context, and it is […]

Are prices driving away potential smart home consumers?

Almost every product in the house now has a smart alternative, Nest revolutionized the thermostat and smoke detector, August built a smartphone connected door lock, and Samsung launched a smart fridge. Even with the abundance of smart alternatives, Lux Research says there is still disconnect between the consumer and manufacturer. Price is the most obvious […]


BreezoMeter and GE breathe deep on smart city air quality

Air quality analytics firm BreezoMeter and GE’s energy-focused in-house startup, have announced a partnership aimed at providing smart cities with real-time air quality and traffic analytics. Breezometer will provide the real-time air quality, while Current gives traffic insights from its LED infrastructure. Smart city leaders can then spot patterns in traffic and pollution, leading to […]