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The Case for an Apple iNetwork: Welcome to the Social

There has been a lot of speculation recently about an impending update to iTunes. Version 8.0, among other things, is supposed to finally bring a recommendation engine to the digital media player application. While that’s interesting from a music discovery perspective, it is even more interesting to consider what this could mean in terms of an…

Has Yahoo! Buzz Lived Up to the Buzz?

Since our initial review of Yahoo! Buzz earlier this year, not much has changed about the service. At the same time, however, the perception, acceptance, and impact of the service has changed drastically. The service has shown that it can send enormous amounts of traffic (very talkative traffic), and has displaced Digg as the most active ‘social…

Twitter Versus Plurk: The UI Advantage

When I first reviewed Plurk for ReadWriteWeb, I had only been using this new lifestreaming service for a little while. After using it for much longer, I’ve realized that there is really just one major difference between Twitter and Plurk – but it’s that one difference that makes Plurk so much better.

How Reddit is Flirting With The Future of Social News

In the competitive social news market, Digg has gotten a lot of attention for its recommendation engine and Mixx continues to release new features (it has launched communities and an API recently). However it seems like Reddit is not getting the attention it deserves. Its open source initiative was well received, but there are other interesting…

Exclusive Look: Digg Recommendation Engine Private Beta

After months of promises (and third party tools), Digg finally announced this week that their recommendation engine is to be released. Today, Digg has delivered the goods to private beta testers. Here are the first screenshots of the new digg recommendation engine features, along with a video guide.

Collaborative Filtering: Lifeblood of The Social Web

Collaborative Filtering (Wikipedia definition) is a mechanism used to filter large amounts of information by spreading the process of filtering among a large group of people. Unlike mainstream media where there is either one or very few editors setting guidelines, the collaboratively filtered social web can have infinitely many editors and gets…

FriendFeed: One Feature to The Tipping Point

I used to be annoyed by people who commented on my Twitter messages (tweets) in FriendFeed, rather than replying directly to me in Twitter (the platform I was using).

However with the introductions of Rooms, FriendFeed is no longer a lifestream aggregator anymore – it is the perfect platform for sharing and discussing content with groups…

Why Social News Sites Must Implement Social Search

Social news sites such as Digg, Propeller, Reddit, StumbleUpon, where the community decides what content is worthy and what content isn’t, are powerful enough to drive tens of thousands of visitors to some lucky content producers, and thus have become an incredibly valuable marketing platform. One good day on any of these sites can get you more…

Plurk: Unique or Just Another Twitter Clone?

Plurk, the latest lifestreaming service to make the rounds, certainly has one thing going for it – a sense of humor, albeit an odd one. The site is currently riding a wave of new registrations due to a mention from Leo Laporte, but is it worth your time or is it just another Twitter clone with a prettier UI?

With All Else Failing, Starbucks Tries Social Media

With Starbucks’ stock beaten down from its mighty highs of $47 to recent lows of $17 in the face of strong competition from Peet’s, Caribou, McDonald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts and a suffering economy, the coffee house chain has made many changes over the past few months. From eliminating jobs and reshuffling management to permanently shutting down…

Interview: Socialthing! Founder Matt Galligan

Recently people have been comparing lifestreaming services FriendFeed and Socialthing!, trying to determine which one will win or whether they even compete. For example, see ReadWriteWeb’s post FriendFeed vs SocialThing!. I signed up for FriendFeed when it first came out and more recently I was lucky enough to get a private beta invite for…

Page View Metric Dying – But What Will Replace It?

We’ve all seen the signs. Ding dong the page view is dead… well, dying. First Compete announced that they would be using attention-based web metrics, or Attention Metrics for short. Then Facebook announced that they will move to a similar metric. Perhaps most importantly, Nielsen NetRatings announced last July that they would stop using page…

Why Yahoo! Buzz is a Brilliant Idea

As soon as the online press got hold of a sliver of information about Yahoo! Buzz, the predictable cries of “Digg clone!” were loud enough to drown out anyone who thought that Yahoo! Buzz might be something more than a lame attempt at socially driven news (without the social elements). While many people think that the flurry of recent launches from…

Alternate Reality Games: What Makes or Breaks Them?

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) have become an incredibly powerful viral marketing and audience
engagement tool over the last
couple of years. However, the elements of a
successful ARG remain a mystery to most people. Some of the most
successful ARGs that I have participated in over the past few years were the
I love bees
campaign for…

How 2 Nerdfighters Took Over YouTube

This is a guest post by Muhammad Saleem, a social media consultant and a top-ranked community member on multiple social news sites.

Many people argue that the social web is actually destroying offline relationships and that relationships built through online social networking sites are nothing more than “superficial acquaintances.” For brothers…

What’s Coming Next at Digg?

This is a guest post by Muhammad Saleem, a social media consultant and a top-ranked community member on multiple social news sites. recently had a survey pinned to the top of the site’s front page, that hints at some of the new features we can expect from the next iteration of Digg. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these features and…

The Economic Idiocy of Blocking Social Media Traffic

This is a guest post by Muhammad Saleem, a social media consultant and a top-ranked community member on multiple social news sites.

By now most of you have probably seen the site ‘Why Digg is Blocked’. For those that haven’t
come across it, the site is on a mission to convince webmasters and
content producers to reject social media traffic. Here’s…