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local seo ranking

10 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Rankings

Local SEO is a strategy to rank higher in local Google Search Results. It has different requirements than traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it needs you to understand what they are looking for when searching locally. Since as many as 46% of the total queries are local, such SEO is incredibly beneficial for a […]

top of gunnel strategy

Top of the Funnel Strategy: Building Brand Awareness

We are living in a world where people are constantly bombarded with information. To be heard, marketers must create compelling content that captures the attention of their audience. One strategy for capturing attention is building awareness and credibility through the top of funnel marketing. This article will discuss what top-of-funnel marketing is and how you […]

HARO platform

What is HARO? – A Look at the Platform for 2021

Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to improve their website profile organically through semantic keywords or some growth hacking tactics (look out for NLP!), which becomes more of a challenge every year as consumers become more savvy.  In 2021, one of the effective SEO tools for marketers is HARO – Help A Reporter Out. […]