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Megan Ray Nichols is a freelance technical writer and blogger. She enjoys writing easy to understand science and technology articles on her blog, Schooled By Science. When she isn't writing, Megan enjoys watching movies and hiking with friends.

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How IoT Will Transform Cold Chain Logistics Forever

How IoT Will Transform Cold Chain Logistics Forever

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises increased visibility and control for the entire supply chain. Meaning, that visibility and control will cover the cold chain logistics, too. Through real-time data, IoT will allow for faster and more relevant reactions as well as much more informed decisions. The problem, however, is that most IoT platforms are […]

Is it Time to Implement IoT in the Warehouse?

The Internet of Things is growing, becoming part of nearly every industry in the world. Many people have IoT devices in their homes already — Amazon Echo, smart appliances, and similar devices. One place where IoT is surprisingly lacking is in the logistics and distribution industry. Is it time to implement IoT in the warehouse? […]

The Business Benefits of Visualizing Your Data

As your business accumulates more and more data, it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through the information for relevant insights. Even with advanced tools at your disposal, such as AI or machine learning, there’s a massive influx of information to take in. It becomes necessary to organize the evidence into larger datasets you can view […]

How Will Industry 4.0 Impact Supply Chain Network?

As Industry 4.0 sweeps across the supply chain, it’s clear it will have a significant impact on everyone involved. Still, the question is how so? Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain As you’d expect from a name such as Industry 4.0, profound and revolutionary changes are coming to various industries, including manufacturing, development, and the modern […]