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Deanna Ritchie

Managing Editor at ReadWrite

Deanna is the Managing Editor at ReadWrite. Previously she worked as the Editor in Chief for Startup Grind and has over 20+ years of experience in content management and content development.

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Gozney Roccbox: Commercial-Grade, Portable Pizza Oven

Having your own pizza oven typically involves a large kitchen or outdoor space that most people don’t have. However, Gozney Roccbox has found a way to shrink the pizza oven to a portable size while still delivering a commercial-grade appliance. Here’s my review of the Gozney Roccbox portable pizza oven, which I’m happy to say […]

Ooni Koda Pizza Oven: Restaurant-Quality Pizza at Home

Until I started researching the product, I had no idea there were this many choices of pizza ovens. Recently, I reviewed the Gozney Roccbox, which did a great job. However, it was during the research that I discovered another popular gas-powered portable pizza oven from Ooni Koda. Since we are a pizza-loving family and are […]

BPM Core WiFi-Enabled Blood Pressure Monitor

BPM Core is a soon-to-be-launched WiFi-enabled blood pressure monitor. This clinically-validated blood pressure monitor is more than just a monitor, though. Developed by two cardiologists that work in Paris hospitals, it also is an electrocardiogram and stethoscope, which enable a better chance of detecting silent heart conditions. About BPM Core This is one of the […]

Get Deluxe Sleep with the Helix Midnight Luxe

The Helix Midnight Luxe is one of the best and most cost-effective hybrid mattresses on the market right now. CNN rated it as the “best mattress of 2019” and Business Insider reported in their review that “I feel more supported at night…and have noticed decreased neck, shoulder, and back pain.” The mattress boasts a blend […]

6 Reasons You Should Start Buying Your Glasses Online

In these unprecedented times, “shopping online from home” takes on an obligatory meaning. However, purchasing stuff online in general, and shopping for glasses online specifically has been on the rise for quite some time. The benefits of shopping for your next pair of glasses from the comfort of your home are just too good to […]

virtual blockchain speakers

Top 20 Virtual Blockchain Speakers

When you want to understand blockchain technology and get a grip on what’s happening in the cryptoworld, you need to stop and listen. In an environment moving this fast, you need to hear from the people who are building the networks, managing the trades, and watching the changes. Here are twenty virtual blockchain speakers who […]

Coway Aquamega: A Smart Water Purifier

Since I tried the Coway Airmega and found it beneficial for purifying our home and office air, it influenced me to then see how Coway tackled water purification with its Coway Aquamega. Here’s my review of Coway’s smart water purifier. A Smart Water Purifier The Coway Aquamega 200C is an electric water filtration system that […]

ZUUM Shoes: Hover Shoes Offer New Way to Get Around

As an avid watcher of “Shark Tank,” I was enthralled with one of the latest unique products to hit the market: ZUUM tech hover shoes. The gadget enthusiast in me was excited to get my hands on a pair of these hover shoes and hit the streets. Here’s what I discovered when reviewing ZUUM shoes. […]

TimeQube: Technology that Builds Time Awareness

With the speed of business accelerating and expectations about what can be done in a day/week/month, tracking time becomes more important to everyone from the CEO and sales team member to an entrepreneur and freelancer. In looking beyond the typical time tracking tools, one company has developed an innovative approach for time management. TimeQube is […]

GoPlus Treadmill: Foldable, Smart Exercise Equipment

Without a lot of space in my home or office for gym equipment, I needed to find something that could fold and be stored when it wasn’t in use. That’s when I came across the GoPlus line of foldable treadmills. Here’s what I found from using the GoPlus 2-in-1 Folding, 2.25HP Under Desk Electric Treadmill. The Company […]

best airports

FlightHub and JustFly Reveal the World’s 5 Best Airports

Airports are vital to domestic and international travel. Typically, airports are central hubs for all things relating to air travel: arrivals, departures, layovers, and more. That said, not all airports offer the same experiences. Some countries pride themselves on providing travelers with creative, hospitable, and fun airports. Here are the world’s five best airports. In […]