Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

Managing Editor at ReadWrite

Deanna is the Managing Editor at ReadWrite. Previously she worked as the Editor in Chief for Startup Grind and has over 20+ years of experience in content management and content development.

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social injustice and brands

The Pandemic, Social Injustice and the Roles Brands Need to Play

In 2018, a survey of global consumers determined that almost two-thirds of customers preferred to do business with companies that stood for a purpose. Consumers want a company that reflects their personal values and beliefs as opposed to organizations that do not. Here is the pandemic, social injustice and the roles brands need to play. […]

nearshore outsourcing software development

Nearshore Outsourcing Is Up During Covid-19. Here’s Why.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about two simultaneous but seemingly paradoxical trends: remote work and deglobalization. Leaders trust their team members to deliver from afar, but they’re not so confident these days in global supply chains.  While manufacturing supply chains have faced particular disruptions, the software development sector has also come under scrutiny. The halt […]

startups in covid-19

How These 9 Startups are Thriving in the Covid-19 Economy

The year 2020 will forever be known as “devastating to all businesses,” but the year has been especially brutal to industries such as hospitality, travel, retail, and restaurants. However, companies in other sectors, such as health and technology, have taken off. Here is how nine startups are thriving in the Covid-19 economy. These 9 startup […]

start reading to feel better

I’m Sick of 2020! Start Reading My 2021 List to Feel Better

As business leaders, successfully navigating during normal times can be challenging enough. During times of crisis like we find ourselves in today, maneuvering business can be downright daunting. We are all sick of 2020. Start your reading list, and feel better before 2021. What do your leadership skills look like right now? There is no […]

BioBidet Prodigy Smart Toilet

BioBidet Prodigy Smart Toilet: Adding Tech to the Bathroom

Thanks to Bio Bidet’s line of products, smart technology has arrived in the bathroom. This includes their latest offering, the Prodigy Smart Toilet. About BioBidet BioBidet is an industry leader in bathroom technology with a focus on sustainability through a reduction in water and paper use. The Prodigy 770 Smart Toilet The Prodigy 770 is […]

AR/VR surgery proficiency

Improving Surgical Performance and Physician Proficiency With AR/VR Simulations

Here is ReadWrite Q&A with FundamentalVR.  *Many thanks to Richard Vincent, CEO, and co-founder of FundamentalVR, for his time, responses and answers in this interview.   Can you give an overview of the Fundamental Surgery platform and the problem it solves? Multiple studies have shown surgical simulations can improve physicians’ cognitive, psychomotor, and technical performance. […]

AUSDOM AF640 Webcam

AUSDOM AF640 Webcam: Plug and Play Capability on a Budget

Recently, I reviewed the Papalook webcam with USB and microphone. And, while it had great features, I wanted to compare another webcam that a colleague recommended, especially when it’s priced at only $90. Here’s what I thought after trying the AUSDOM AF640 webcam. About AUSDOM Although this manufacturer is most known for its wireless headphones, […]