Brady Fletcher

Brady Fletcher

Managing Director at TSX Venture Exchange

Brady Fletcher is managing director of TSX Venture Exchange. Opinions in this piece are his own and do not reflect the opinions or views of, nor are they endorsed by, TMX Group Limited or affiliates.

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What the Rise of Blockchain can Teach the Regulatory Environment

There’s a lot of speculation around whether blockchain technology will fundamentally transform the regulatory processes and requirements for companies raising money on public markets — but that may not be the best way to frame the conversation. The rise of blockchain can teach the regulatory environment. Certainly, there are aspects of the current regulatory environment that […]

The Investment Landscape of the Future: Toward Many Silicon Valleys

We all know by now that “Silicon Valley” has become more or less synonymous with “innovation.” The United States now has more than 100 unicorns (startups that reach $1 billion valuations), and while research from Stanford suggests some of these companies might not be all they seem — with an average valuation of 48 percent above true […]