LG plans to unveil a wearable speaker and wireless headphones at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas, called the Tone Studio and Tone Free.

Tone Studio is a wireless speaker “capable of delivering 3D surround sound” from the neck. It has four speakers, two full range on the top and two for vibration on the bottom, which provide “realistic theatre-like sound” for the user.


The speakers feature Hi-Fi DAC to recreate audio as smoothly as possible and utilize LG’s DualPlay, letting two Tone Studio users listen to audio at the same time. LG has worked with surround sound experts at DTS, for what its worth.

A better solution for the Airbuds problem?

Tone Free is a neckband with detachable wireless earbuds on each end. The neckband comes equipped with vibration, which notifies the wearer of calls or texts. It can also charge the wireless earbuds, though LG provides a charging cradle if the neckband is too hefty.

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“LG has a rich legacy of innovating in the wearable audio market, and our products have become the standard by which all other earphones are judged,” said Michael Park, vice president of Innovative Personal Devices Business Division at LG Electronics. “We are committed to leading the way in this fast moving market by developing exciting new products which appeal to every music-loving and convenience-seeking individual.”

The price for both devices remains undisclosed, we can expect more information when CES 2017 starts, on January 5. Until then, expect more Android manufacturers to preview wireless earbuds and other audio inventions to compete with Apple’s new earpods.