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Running a small business is never easy. There are too many things to do but too little time, manpower and finance at your disposal. While cleverly juggling smart moves and a bit of luck can take care of the time and manpower, being cash strapped is one thing that needs more than just that. And most small businesses are cash strapped.

In such cases, cutting corners is the way to go and more often than not… it’s the IT spending that gets the axe. Why spend frivolously on software boxes, developers and infrastructure paraphernalia when you can manage it all with spreadsheets and files, right? Wrong.

For two reasons:

  • Spreadsheets and files are not nearly enough to manage the different aspects of your business efficiently. The world has moved on to the cloud. Tweets have replaced emails, and chats are the new phone calls. Why, then, would you lug around files after files containing sensitive and important data?
  • You don’t have to hire IT guys to build and manage your business applications.

A Mexican standoff? Not quite. Get around both of these with a stroke of brilliance. Build custom business applications – yourself. Yes you – with limited or absolutely no programming expertise – can build a complex looking application all by yourself, in minutes.

Zoho Creator is just what you need. Zoho Creator is a database software that lets users build customized business applications online. Building a customized business application is not rocket science. No really.

Here’s a checklist that can help you decide if you can build your own app.

  • You own the business? Yes.
  • You know what you need to manage a particular department in your business? Yes.
  • It will be your decision to hire an IT guy to develop the custom app for you? Yes.
  • You will be briefing the IT guy on what your application needs to do? Yes.
  • And when he comes up with an application, you’ll be the one testing it out to see if it is really what you ?need? Yes.

If you answered yes to at least three of the above questions, then congratulations. You have what it takes to build a full-fledged customized application, all by yourself.

With a simple platform like Zoho Creator, you don’t have to look any further. Zoho Creator’s intuitive drag and drop interface lets anyone build customized applications easily and quickly. Include all the business rules and workflows you need, throw in some reports and spice it up schedulers and email notifications without breaking a sweat or burning a hole in your pocket.

When it’s all done, stand back and take pride in yourself for being such an awesome craftsman.

Welcome to the world of creators!?

Photo by mjw