I know what you’re thinking. “Where can I look for a mate, a book and a blender at the same time? Oh, and it has to be a visual search.” PicClick looks to be the answer.

When Ryan Sit, also the founder of TopicFire (ReadWriteWeb coverage) started PicClick, a year and a half ago, it had two tabs – eBay and Amazon. Now it has seven, having added Etsy, Match.com, AllRecipes, Google and Yelp (the last still under construction). And it looks smart on an iPad.

If the first iteration of PicClick was in essence a large-scale, functional proof of concept, the new and improved version is outright useful across topic-areas. In addition to search under each service tab, the offerings are also presented in sections, such as the “casserole,” “pasta” or “Italian” sections under the AllRecipes tab.

Sit told us that in addition to reaching out to encompass more content under the search, the interface has also been improved upon.

“Besides the new sections on PicClick, the entire website design has been updated based upon requests in our feedback forum to improve our visual search interface. It is now much easier and cleaner to browse.”

Given the increasing use of mobile computing, and crazed iPad lust, the speed and cleanliness of the rendering is bound to help sell the service.

“With PicClick you can see hundreds of products on one page, you can maximize full-screen for even more, infinite scroll, and zoom slider on the top right. It just allows you to find things 100x faster.”

I’m not certain but that the 100x figure might not be hyperbole. It is fast though. (Sit subsequently wrote back and said he’d measured it at 12x.) And real purdy. PicClick plans to bring an additional section each month, starting with Yelp.

About eight months ago, PicClick added international versions of its search, Sit said. A growth spurt, to 11, including the U.S. version, happened a couple of months after that.

Ryan Sit is the man behind Favtape and Swurl, both of which have been folded into PicClick.