So, this year, you’ve resolved to lose weight, take a class, learn a new language and buy a better mobile device. Good for you – but we all know how well most new year’s resolutions go.

If you want to strike while the iron is hot, we’ve found mySomeday, a new tool for solidifying, planning and executing your dreams into realities. The site’s a little bit like and a little like LetSimonDecide, but it’s also got simple project management tools and interesting social features. Could mySomeday actually help us stick to our resolutions?

A while ago, we tested, a semantic search engine for aspirations that asked users to list goals, share progress and encourage one another. This is quite close to what mySomeday purports to do, as well, albeit through very different mechanisms.

Calling itself a “goal achievement platform,” mySomeday combines planning tools, social

networking features and a support community. It makes sense that publicly sharing goals with one’s network has a positive impact on one’s chances of reaching those goals. Also, hacking a dream into a plan with a series of steps and measurable outcomes can help transform a cloud-castle into a reality.

The site also reminded us of LetSimonDecide, a decision-making platform that helps users analyze their dreams or wishes to determine if they’re optimal, practical and advisable. Once the decision-making process is complete, users can share their conclusions with other site members and make an action plan to implement the decision.

On mySomeday, users are prompted to set deadlines and receive email reminders, but one of the most interesting features is the option to add multimedia inspirational content, including pictures and videos. Visual reminders have powerful effects – much more than mere words on a glowing screen would, we suspect.

As part of their business model, mySomeday is offering branded “Expert Plans” for common or niche goals. Currently, Expert Plans are being offered by Seeds of Peace, Flirtexting, BK Farmyards and Nuru International.

What methods or tools are you using now to keep your resolutions – whether they were made for 2010 or whether they’re just longstanding but dormant goals? Do you think mySomeday is a site you could use? Would the imagery, reminders and community help you achieve your goals?

And what do you think of the company’s rather unique Expert Plans model? Let us know your opinions in the comments.