Flickr Adds Video and HD to Free Accounts

Flickr has offered video (or what they sometimes call long photos) to Pro accounts for almost a year now. Limited in length to 90 seconds, anyone could watch these without having to pay. But Flickr announced today that all accounts, including free ones, can now take advantage of this format. Plus, everyone will now be able to view any HD videos without suffering a drop in quality.

Free accounts are limited to being able to share 2 videos a month max. And of course, the 90-second limit still applies to everyone. That said, for those folks out there who aren’t Flickr power users but still want to share the occasional short film, this is a great time to test this feature out! Just download the Flickr Uploadr version 3.1.4 which was previously only available to Pro accounts, and get started.

From the inception of video support, Flickr has relied on the Yahoo! Platform Video Team. In addition to making sure video was a success on Flickr (both in standard and HD flavors), they have helped develop video-related projects such as the Flickr Clock, a unique and ever-shifting view of the videos constantly being uploaded to Flickr’s servers. There is a post about their contributions here.

So, go check out the clock and take a couple of 90-second video breaks. We will leave you with an example of what can be done with a good camera, a good lens, and HD video support.

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