Sending private messages through back channels is nothing new. We do it all the time with emails and direct messages on multiple services. However, sometimes information is just too sensitive to keep around once it’s been sent. Wouldn’t it be great to have messages self-destruct after being read, Harry Potter style? Well Privnote is just the service for you.

This Message Will Self-Destruct in T-Minus 5, 4, 3, 2….

Developed by Insophia using Django and Python, Privnote allows you to send a message and have it be immediately deleted once it is read. Spotted by MakeUsOf, simply head to the homepage of Privnote and type in your message. Once you’re done click the “post it” button to grab a link to send to a recipient. Once the message is read or the link is clicked, the link is no longer accessible. You can also receive notifications for when your link is clicked, which will include the ip address of the reader.

The best reason to use Privnote?

“If you send a note and suddenly regret having done so, you can click the link yourself which will destroy the note and prevent the receiver to read it.”

You can’t do this with email, IM, or Twitter.

Have A Little Fun With Privnote

Privnote provides security in numerous ways. You’ll notice that all links generated begin with “https”. This means that the link has a certain level of security associated with it to prevent eavesdropping. However, I wouldn’t recommend taking the service too seriously and start sending FBI classified files. But for secret love notes, messages, and meeting locations, Privnote would be a cool and fun service to use.