Open source wiki and application platform Deki Wiki, powered by MindTouch, is releasing a new version of its software today that makes it easy to switch between multiple languages for the content and interface of any page on a wiki. The company claims now to offer the first polyglot application on the web and it’s something we think our international readers will really enjoy.

MindTouch also announced that Deki Wiki has been chosen as the new framework to power the Mozilla Developer Community site, some great validation for a company that often seems to stand so far out on the bleeding edge that it could make potential users feel uneasy.

Ordinarily we wouldn’t write here about new versions of software, but this internationalization seems like a great fit for our international audience. MindTouch is far more than just a wiki, it’s a CMS with extensive application and mashup support. We wrote in January, for example, about the company’s integration with one of our favorite services, Dapper. Deki Wiki was born as a Mediawiki fork, but those roots are barely recognizable anymore under several years of powerful innovation.

Below is a video about the polyglot support, we recommend readers click the “menu” button and then select the very nice full-screen view in the top right of the Viddler video player.

The relaunch of the Mozilla Developer Center using Deki Wiki is forthcoming. Mozilla Chief Evangelist Mike Shaver cited the “MindTouch Deki Wiki’s extensibility and flexible architecture” in explaining the company’s choice. “The opportunity to easily create our own tools and extensions on top of Deki’s extensive API is sure to inspire some great improvements from our community.” Mozilla joins the US Environmental Protection Agency in the “nice customer” column for Mindtouch, the other column includes the US Army and British Petroleum.

This latest release includes a long list of other new features, including the ability to block particular users and IP addresses and a multi-asset file uploader that’s pretty slick, even if it still isn’t as good as Viddler’s – which is the best on the web.

Deki Wiki is free to use and the company sells premium support packages.

marshall kirkpatrick